Happy Birthday UN


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To properly show my appreciation for UN’s role as my personal photographer, I’ve decided to reward him with picnic on the beach for his birthday! I prepared picnic basket, cake stand, tripod, three essentials for beach picnic, lol 

But a birthday celebration can’t be that simple. I bought UN a mixture of vegan and regular cupcakes, to test if UN is able to tell the difference. Turns out they do taste different. Experiment fail. Until next time.


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Chick's Oyster Bar


A seafood restaurant, fresh and delicious, enough said! Many people  come on good weather days for a few beers and some crab legs, but worthy to mention is that some patrons drive their boats to restaurant’s dock, talk about a fancy way to dine out! No traffic, no trouble finding parking. I thought I was in a scene in Ozark. The sunset was so on point last night that I couldn’t help but capture the beautiful view of the boat leaving the dock.

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Chick’s Oyster Bar
2143 Vista Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 481-5757