PCS Season 搬家季





First day moving! PCS is military term for moving!

Every time I move I promise not to buy any more stuff. I can’t believe how much clothes and shoes I have! Not to mention purses, what a waste of money! Scariest thing is when I find stuff that I’ve never worn before, what was I thinking?

Our movers told us our place smells good and is very clean. That made me feel much better!


George Washington's Mount Vernon | 華盛頓總統家

Living in Virginia satisfied UN’s passion for American history. We visited Montecello, home of Thomas Jefferson in the beginning of the year. This time we are visiting Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. I like Jefferson’s home, it was the OG smart home before Alexa. He installed a switch that allowed him to open his bedroom doors from his bed, an elevator that delivers wine from his cellar to the living room, and many other automated things. 

But I also adore the beautiful view of the Potomac river from Washington’s back porch, his farm and petting zoo. They said sometimes there are pigs on the property because Martha Washington enjoyed ham, but we didn’t see any pigs that day. 

At the end of the guided tour, I wanted to ask where is the cherry tree chopped down by George Washington, but UN and fellow visitors in our tour group asked many questions regarding Mount Vernon’s architecture and history. Next time you guys go, can you find out for me where the cherry tree is please?

住維吉尼亞滿足UN對美國歷史的熱情。年初參觀Thomas Jefferson的家,這次參觀美國第一位總統華盛頓家。我愛Jefferson家,像是當時Alexa在家。房門直接能在床上打開,酒從酒庫運送到食堂,完全無需人傳遞。但我很愛Washington家外那片超美風景,後院有小型農場能和動物互動。園區人員說有時會有豬,但那天沒看到。


JPEG image-36926E2B02E1-3.jpeg
JPEG image-36926E2B02E1-1.jpeg
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Address: 3200 Mount Vernon Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121
Website: www.mountvernon.org

Chick's Oyster Bar


A seafood restaurant, fresh and delicious, enough said! Many people  come on good weather days for a few beers and some crab legs, but worthy to mention is that some patrons drive their boats to restaurant’s dock, talk about a fancy way to dine out! No traffic, no trouble finding parking. I thought I was in a scene in Ozark. The sunset was so on point last night that I couldn’t help but capture the beautiful view of the boat leaving the dock.

Snapseed 64.jpg
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Chick’s Oyster Bar
2143 Vista Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 481-5757