Orion Happy Park & Nago Pineapple Park



One of the staples of Okinawa is Orion beer! I was never a beer person until I moved to Okinawa. The hot and humid weather here makes me crave for ice cold beers. At Orion Happy Park, staff will give the designated driver (UN) a different colored badge than guests who are drinking. At the end of the tour, designated driver can choose from a selection of non-alcoholic beer and juices, while others can enjoy up to two free beers! No switching badges, because the staff is secretly watching you! No drink and drive! #notonedrop

This day was a tourist day for us, after Orion Happy Park, we drove to the nearby Pineapple Park. This place is perfect for families, especially after you’ve had a few Orion beer. It has a pineapple shuttle that takes you from the parking lot to the park entrance. They play this pineapple theme song on repeat, everyone who has been there knows what that song is! But the main attraction for us was the souvenir shop! Pineapple cake goes really well with milk. Pineapple vinegar with seltzer water quenches your thirst. If you missed the chance to buy pineapple products, they have a small store at Naha Airport too. 

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