Bachelorette Trip to Maine

Last night in Maine.

Last night in Maine.


Thankful that my friend lent me her jacket, otherwise I probably would catch a cold in Maine. Fall on the East Coast is still my favorite. I’ve only moved down to the south for a few months, I can’t believe I forgot what 60 degrees feels like, and only brought summer clothes. 


I’m so happy to be able to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette party. I miss my friends in New York!


In order to find speakeasy Lincolns, we nearly broke down their door. Instead of telling you where Lincolns is, I will let you enjoy the excitement of finding it! 


This is my first time back in the city since I left it nearly 3 months ago. It got me emotional because I love New York so much! I couldn’t see all of my friends because of the limited time I have, but I am leaving my heart there with you guys! I love you New York!

Our album cover!

Our album cover!

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