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Our pastor and friends in GA.

Our pastor and friends in GA.

Our friends in Atlanta, GA!

Our friends in Atlanta, GA!

A last minute decision to come to Atlanta for the long weekend. Cleaned the house Saturday morning (a road trip routine), got an oil change, packed our luggage and hit the road to head down south! A 9-hour drive, only briefly stopped in Charlotte, NC for a quick bite. Exhausted by the end of the day, but seeing our dear friends and eating authentic Korean food was all worth it!


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We probably overstuffed ourselves every meal, didn’t even skip dessert. Everything that we couldn’t eat but craved for back in Norfolk, we ordered!


After 9-hour drive, we finally got to Atlanta, GA!

After 9-hour drive, we finally got to Atlanta, GA!

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Thankful that our friend J let us stay at his place and showed us around A-town! (Did you get the hint on my Instagram Story?)


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Dear Coca-Cola, Thank you for supporting our troops! Your intro video made me cry!


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Places We visited | 我們去的地方

P. S. Does anyone remember this giant peach from HoC?

P.S. 有人記得這大桃子在紙牌屋裡出現嗎?