Beach Day After Rain

下雨天在家拼劇,這幾天迷上The Sinner,好看啊!UN下班回家後,發現我怎麼變電視兒童,把我抓去海邊玩。不知道是不是剛下完雨,海邊沒什麼人。下雨完的雲好美,雖然夕陽被雲遮住,但這天空太美了!回家繼續追劇吧!

Rainy days are perfecting for binge watching shows. Recently I've been addicted The Sinner. UN came home to rescue this poor soul held hostage by the television, and took me to the beach to watch sunset. Maybe it's because it just rained, there weren't a lot of people at the beach. The post-rain clouds were beautiful, but they did block our sunset. Norfolk skies are so beautiful! Time to go back to binge watching!

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