International Women's Day




March is a special month, UN and I celebrate our first year anniversary this month! Look at pictures from our wedding almost a year ago, I can’t help but brag about my mother-in-law, my mom and Ellie. My mother-in-law works hard and is awesome at cooking! Every time we go back to visit I gain a few pounds. She’s my go to for cooking related questions. My mom probably has the best temperament ever. And she is quite the fashionista too!! Ellie was so brave to move from Taiwan to London on her own at the age of 20. She was not afraid of the unknown, especially impressive without all the technology that we have today.

Happy International Women’s Day! Sorry to my father-in-law, I’ll mention on another day!

Photos by  Let's Frolic Together  (Highly Recommended!) 

Photos by Let's Frolic Together (Highly Recommended!)