First NFL Game- Eagles vs. Redskins


Every year from September to February, our Sunday consists of going to church in the morning and watching football. This Sunday was no different, except we get to watch football live!!!! (I deserve Best Wife Award!)


Coming to Redskins’ game was a impulsive decision. When we were driving to DC, UN mentioned “there’s Redskins game tomorrow!” The next minute I was on the phone with Redskins box office ordering tickets!

來看這比賽是一個衝動的決定。我們和我公婆開車快到華府時,UN說“明天有Redskins的比賽耶!“ 我二話不說直接打給Redskins訂票!


When I was watching the Redskins game, I couldn’t help but think back on the South Park episode that talks about the Redskins. To be honest, live football was so much more exciting than on TV, this must have been the most excited I’ve ever been at a live sports event! UN, if you had taken me to a live football game when we first started dating, I would probably be more willing to watch football with you on Sundays! What a perfect way to end 2018! 


Fedex Field
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