The Inn at Little Washington


Had bookmarked this place for a long time, but we never had the chance to visit.  This past long weekend, we went to Shenandoah National Park, it happened to be next to Washington, VA.  Plus, we planned early enough to be able to check out this long anticipated inn & restaurant.


“This is the perfect location to propose,” I said to UN when we arrived.  It really happened one of nights we were here!  OMG, I cried!

P.S. Julia Child and the First Lady were here before!


P.S. Julia Child來過,總統夫人也來過!

Dumpling Date Night

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First, I want to thank UN for making dumplings with me despite having slept for only three hours the night before (he got called in around midnight). 


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Very unusual of me to buy dumpling ingredients, and I even bought carrot juice to make orange dumpling skins. (Halloween theme!)

Friends who know me know that I don’t enjoy eating dumplings, but I get a satisfaction from watching others make dumplings. One of my favorite YouTube channel Peaceful Cuisine has a video out teaching how to make dumplings. Watching it over and over again is so therapeutic for me. 


跟我熟識的朋友們都知道,我不是特別愛吃水餃,但很愛看人做水餃。我最喜歡的是Peaceful Cuisine的無配樂水餃影片。他每個做菜影片我都愛,不吵有秩序,滿足我輕微強迫症的慾望。

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Dumplings recipe: skin 9 grams, stuffings 11 grams, with cabbage, mushroom and ground beef. Conclusion: my wrists hurt, kitchen is in disarray, don’t want to eat dumplings anymore! (Sigh)


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Lunch at The Bee & The Biscuit

Hurricane Florence is coming!  Stay dry and safe!  



Today marks our 2-month living in VA, and I don’t think I ever experienced this much rain in this short period of time.  While I’m writing this post, it’s pouring outside!  We came here after our Saturday run at Virginia Beach yesterday, but the wait was one hour.  I was starving after the run, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait that long.  


The Bee & The Biscuit

The Bee & The Biscuit

After church, we decided to come here again to see if the wait was shorter.  Perhaps it’s because of the hurricane, the wait was less than 20 minutes.  During our wait, we went to the surf shop next door.  Small world, one of the employees’ sister works in UCSD Geisel Library.  I used to study there during finals in college.


Surf Shop next door | 隔壁的衝浪店

Surf Shop next door | 隔壁的衝浪店

Pungo Surf Shop

Pungo Surf Shop

Our friend P introduced this restaurant to us, and WE LOVE IT!  I’m not a BBQ pork fan, but this place makes delicious BBQ.  A little sour and sweet, but the vinaigrette didn’t overpower the overall flavor at all.  

This girl won’t mind driving 30-minutes to enjoy their Pungo Pork Biscuit again.



Pungo Pork Biscuit 

Pungo Pork Biscuit 

Pungo Pork Biscuit

Pungo Pork Biscuit


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