NYC Summer 2019 | 夏日紐約 2019

滿滿的四天行程,是我們完全沒預料到的大驚喜!最後一秒和朋友們約見面,感謝大家抽空出來。 這趟真的很趕,週一下午決定開車上紐約,抵達紐約時已經週二凌晨了。一上路,立刻聯絡在紐約的朋友們,完全不想錯過任何機會!


We had an eventful four days in New York City that was to our surprise it could’ve happened. Thank you to our friends who were able to meet us on last minute notice. We rushed to New York from Virginia, left on Monday afternoon and arrived past midnight. I was making calls and texting people during our drive. Didn’t want to miss any chance to hang out with friends!

I wrote this post on our cruise with so much gratitude. Towards end of June, we still had no idea what our July schedule is going to be like. The last two weeks in Virginia we had no clue how we were gonna get to Japan, and we didn’t dare book our cruise. We were shocked that everything happened according to our ideal plan. Praise the Lord for the many surprises along the way! 


PCS Experience

感謝上帝我們成功搬家了!PCS (Permanent Change of Station)大概是我近期最常用的字吧!意思是UN工作關係,我們要搬家了。第一次PCS,像準備跑馬拉松一樣緊張,一直以為手機沒響睡過頭。

PTL we have successfully started our move! PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is a new common vocab that I use on the daily recently. Due to UN’s work, we are moving. This is our first time doing PCS, I felt as nervous as when I ran a marathon, kept thinking I overslept or I missed a phone call.

They are so professional!

They are so professional!

Carefully wrapping our stuff!

Carefully wrapping our stuff!


This first moving experience was a great one! The movers complimented how organized and clean our studio was, that alone made my day. My mom couldn’t help but express her Taiwanese hospitality, used her broken English to greet the movers, made sure they are fed and hydrated. The movers loved my mom.

Thanks guys for making the move so smooth!

Thanks guys for making the move so smooth!


Finally, I want to thank my mom for her great personality, endured all my nervous complaining. We will celebrate a successful move tonight! 

Kitchen tour at Eleven Madison Park

Kitchen tour at Eleven Madison Park



Hamilton Broadway

幾個禮拜前,就是我看了Frozen,又看了Book of Mormon那禮拜,又看了Hamilton。沒錯,一個禮拜三齣百老匯,開心到要落淚!原本沒有計畫看Frozen,更沒想到能看到Hamilton,太開心了啦!還能和好朋友一起看,好啦這是炫耀了!

(這次不是贏Hamilton Lottery)

A few weeks ago, I watched Frozen, Book of Mormon and Hamilton. That’s right, three Broadway Shows in a row, happy tears! Didn’t plan on watching Frozen, and never thought I would get to watch Hamilton, I was on Cloud 9! And I got to watch it with my Broadway fanatic friend, sorry not sorry!

(PSA: I didn’t win Hamilton lottery this time!)



I liked Hamilton, it touched on a lot of hot topics today, like immigration, women’s rights, cultural diversity. I love how the way this show does not forcibly bring up these topics or make show goers feel uncomfortable. Although it’s not my absolute #1 favorite Broadway show, but this show was flawless!

Special shoutout to my friend who got us our tickets!