L'Artusi in West Village

Never thought of our moving process can be so chaotic, yet fun.  This is definitely a lesson of "How to Be A Navy Wife", and being spontaneous is one of them.   To escape my busy life, I took my mom to one of  my “New York Top 10” restaurant, and my mom loved it!

沒想到搬家這事也能把我的生活弄的這麼精彩,天天忙搬家大小事,天天計劃一直改。原來這就是"navy wife"一職。怎麼忙都要吃頓好吃的!帶我媽來我心目中紐約前十大餐廳之一,連我媽都愛。

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Address: 228 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212)255-5757