Chick's Oyster Bar


A seafood restaurant, fresh and delicious, enough said! Many people  come on good weather days for a few beers and some crab legs, but worthy to mention is that some patrons drive their boats to restaurant’s dock, talk about a fancy way to dine out! No traffic, no trouble finding parking. I thought I was in a scene in Ozark. The sunset was so on point last night that I couldn’t help but capture the beautiful view of the boat leaving the dock.

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Chick’s Oyster Bar
2143 Vista Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 481-5757

Green Dumplings 綠水餃




靈感來自 Eat Cho Food

Dumpling was never my favorite food, after making them I have even less desire to eat them! Making the ingredients is not hard, but folding the dumplings costed my friend and I back pain and carpel tunnel. In order to make “as seen on Instagram” green dumplings, we made our own skins. My friend is super talented, she can make different shapes of dumplings simply from looking at pictures, and every one of them is so photogenic. Me on the other hand, my hands hurt and the dumplings I made aren’t even presentable. 

Spent a whole day making dumplings, a very rare occasion, therefore must document them for memories sake. 

Inspire by Eat Cho Food