Zip lining in Okinawa | 沖繩高空鋼索

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Let’s cross out activity list number 3!

Totally did not expect this level of difficulty with ziplining! Of the various ziplining places we’ve been to, this one is definitely he most physically demanding and mentally challenging one. After the instructor explained to us how to operate the equipment, he then informed us that we will be navigating through each course in the park by ourselves, me and UN looked at each other stunned. We’ve never hooked up our own zipline before, there has always been staff at each station to help us. All we want to do is slide. In addition to ziplining, there’s rock climbing, balance beams, and Tarzan swings as parts of the adventure course. I got so scared at the Tarzan swing that I couldn’t move. But to be honest, having done it, that part was very fun. Despite being afraid of heights himself, UN cheered me on to help me cope with my fears. I love my UN so much!!

It’s very scenic here, you have views of the ocean and the mountains. Highly recommended for all those who visit Okinawa. The park provides fanny packs for valuables and water. My advise is to bring lots of sunblock, reapply often, or risk getting sunburned like me! Throughout the course there’s alternative paths that are more palatable for those who are more risk-adverse.