Goodbye Virginia 再見維吉尼亞


(Please scroll down for English translation.)




It’s the second packing and moving day. 

Initially, we kindly declined to speak at new comer orientation this summer. Then we found out we won’t be able to make it to change of command and retirement ceremony. Now, boxes of household goods are being loaded onto the truck. I just realized WE ARE MOVING!  Even though we have been in Virginia for not even a year, but we met so many friends who love and care for us. Because of them our life in Virginia was so colorful!
UN’s CO (commanding officer) at the hospital said during their graduation ceremony that “when you leave this place, its the people that you will remember.” I absolutely agree with this statement! It’s time to say see you later to Oakleaf, Little Taiwan, coworkers, and our church fam. You guys made a wonderful impact on our lives. It’s a small world after all, I’m sure our paths will cross again. Please come visit us wherever we end up in the world!